History of the `Bradford` Premier Small Animal Show

Originally staged as The 'Bradford Championship Show' the `Bradford` Premier Small Animal Show is the oldest
UK Championship Show dedicated solely to the promotion and exhibition of multiple Small Animal species.

The birth of the 'Bradford Championship Show' is credited directly to Mr J.E. Watmough of Bradford, the owner and publisher of 'Fur & Feather' newspaper.  This publication had been running from the 1880s, servicing the needs of the fancies by publicising shows, publishing articles on husbandry, show reports and advertising stock for sale.

At this time the Cavy, Hamster, Mouse, Rabbit and Rat Fancies each had their own Specialist Clubs, and whilst
Fur and Feather provided a central outlet for written material, each Club was still regularly holding their own individual shows separate from all the other Small Animal fancies.

Watmough's dream was to bring together all the fancies under one roof to hold the ultimate Championship Show and in 1920 he appealed to his readers for support. The very first Show in 1921, staged at Manningham Barracks in Bradford, was an instant success and was to became an Annual Event.

In 1929 a specialist Committee of volunteers was formed to organise the Show, called the Bradford Small Livestock Society. This Society still exists and organises the Show to this date.

Bradford Championship Show became the world's largest and most famous Small Animal Event and it was every fancier's dream to take part.

The world renowned name of 'Bradford Championship Show', simply and affectionately referred to as the 'Bradford', still lives on in the hearts of many older Fanciers.

To be able to raise the coveted Best in Show award is still regarded as being the highest possible achievement in every Fancy, whether Cavy, Gerbil, Hamster, Mouse, Rabbit or Rat.